DASH® Critical & Medical


When every minute counts, choose DASH Critical & Medical with GPS service for added assurance. Offering the same premium domestic, flight-specific service for small packages as DASH, this service for critical shipments gives you added visibility and expedited ground handling with product-specific packaging to call extra attention to these critical shipments. With the highest boarding priority and fastest transit times of any Delta Cargo product, you won't have to count down the minutes until your critical shipment arrives.


DASH Critical & Medical shipments are backed by a 100%* service-level guarantee of freight charges per air waybill, with no cap**.


DASH Critical & Medical is ideal for time-sensitive shipments such as passports, essential machinery parts and aircraft on the ground (AOG) components. All FAA Lifeguard-designated shipments must ride as DASH Critical & Medical.


DASH Critical & Medical shipments do not have to be pre-booked and can be tendered any time up to acceptance cutoff time.


DASH Critical & Medical includes GPS service, providing real-time tracking and monitoring for your critical shipments. GPS tracking provides an extra layer of reliability throughout the shipment process with monitoring available on deltacargo.com.

DASH Critical & Medical can be tendered at the Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles or Minneapolis DASH offices (located near the terminal), the Delta Cargo facility in New York City (LaGuardia), or for animals only, at the Atlanta Cargo facility.

Shipments can be sent on Delta mainline and Delta Connection flights*** to any of the following 89 Delta Cargo domestic destinations:

Additional Information

    • Dimensions must not exceed 90 linear inches (length + width + height) and the weight may not exceed 100 lbs per piece and/or 1000 lbs per air waybill. Exception: Live animal containers must not exceed 120 linear inches
    • Shipments containing dangerous goods shall not be tendered for interline transport.
    • DASH Critical & Medical shipments require pre-payment at origin station.
    • DASH Critical & Medical shipments must be accepted and processed at the local Delta Cargo DASH office at least 45 minutes prior to scheduled flight departure. We recommend arriving at least 60 minutes before this cutoff time to ensure all inspections and acceptance procedures are completed.
    • Shipments can be dropped off at either the DASH offices (located near the terminal) in Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles or Minneapolis or the Delta Cargo facility (live animals only in Atlanta).
    • DASH Critical & Medical shipments are available for pickup within 45 minutes of actual flight arrival.
    • Dangerous goods and other special commodities, including live animals, may be accepted as DASH Critical & Medical. Please allow extra time when checking in if shipments contain hazardous material or other special commodities.
    • All dangerous goods shipments must be tendered at least 90 minutes prior to the scheduled flight's departure time.
    • All live animal shipments must be tendered at least 60 minutes prior to the scheduled flight's departure time.
    • DASH Critical & Medical shipments containing a Human Organ for Transplant (HOT) are accepted at Delta DASH offices in Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles and Minneapolis only. These specialized shipments do not require an advanced booking; however, they do require advanced fax notification to our Operations Control Center to ensure all applicable operational areas are notified as part of the Lifeguard process.
    • For more information, please contact your local Delta Cargo Sales representative.
    • Shipments must be clearly labeled with the name and address of the shipper and consignee. Old labels and markings must be completely removed.