Temperature Guidelines

Temperature Restrictions

  • Temperature restrictions are based on the actual or forecasted temperature upon departure, transfer (if applicable) and arrival for each station on the itinerary. The following temperature guidelines apply to all animals shipped as DASH, Domestic, or International:

85°F (29°C) Maximum for all warm-blooded animals (Note 1 & 2)
10°F (-12°C) Minimum for all warm-blooded animals (Note 1 & 2)


1. Temperature limits may not apply for the following shipments:

  • Birds (including day-old chicks, poultry, etc.)
  • Cold-blooded animals, including live fish and live seafood
  • Mice or rats bred for research

2. Miscellaneous:

  • Any warm-blooded animal not listed in the temperature exemptions in Note 1 must be tendered with a certificate of acclimation when the forecasted temperature is at or below 45F (7C) at any point in the shipment routing (origin / transfer / destination).
  • Whenever possible, book nonstop or direct flights. In cold weather, choose mid-day flights when temperatures are likely to be warmer. When the weather is hot, choose early morning or late evening flights, which avoid the worst heat of the day. Delta personnel will determine if temperatures are within acceptable limits at time of check-in. If your animal cannot be accommodated due to temperature limitations, Delta personnel will work with you to arrange alternate dates for your animal to travel. Please remember, if Delta determines temperatures are unsuitable for transporting your animal, it is with the safety and health of your animal in mind.
  • Any breed of dog or cat, including mix breeds, that appears on the Delta Cargo embargoed breed list will be refused transportation on Delta and Delta Connection flights at all times, regardless of age, weight, or temperature limits. Please see our Restrictions and Regulations page for a list of breed examples.
  • Delta cannot guarantee acceptance of any animal before it is seen by airport personnel. Important considerations for acceptance include en route weather conditions and the health and disposition of the animal. Delta will not accept animals that are violent, ill, in physical distress or animals with horns.