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    Summer Animal Temperature Restrictions Reminder-Warm-Blooded Animals Alert


    Delta has safety as a top priority in all of our operations and live animal safety is vitally important. As a reminder, temperature restrictions for live animals are in place and effective year round. The maximum temperature for warm-blooded live animal transport is 85°F/29°C and minimum is 10°F/-12°C any time live animals are in Delta’s care, including acceptance, transfer and at the destination prior to pick-up.

    Please remember, if Delta determines temperatures are unsuitable for transporting a live animal, it is with the safety and health of the animal in mind.

    Delta Cargo is committed to working with its customers to transport live animals securely and safely throughout our network. We appreciate your understanding and your cooperation in working with us during the hot summer months.

    For more information regarding live animal temperature acceptance guidelines, please visit our Temperature Guidelines page.


    Dangerous Goods Shipment Restriction at Portland, Oregon (PDX) Alert


    Until further advised, Delta Cargo is unable to accept Dangerous Goods (DG) freight shipments that arrive or depart Portland, Oregon (PDX). However, the following shipments will still be accepted: those containing 2.5kg of dry ice or less, dry ice (UN1845) in any quantity or destination, UN3373 Biological Substances, Category B, and MAG Material (UN2807)

    Delta Cargo apologizes for any inconvenience this situation may cause and appreciates your patience while we work to resume DG shipment acceptance at this location.


    New EU Trucking Regulations Alert


    Immediate changes have taken place in Border Force requirements. Customers are now required to provide commercial invoices with the master air waybill for all transiting shipments being trucked beyond the UK or TXL/Berlin air gateways.