GPS On-Demand

An extra layer of reliability with enhanced features such as temperature monitoring, light sensor, humidity and tracking online.


Enhance your shipments with our GPS tracking service. GPS devices can provide an additional layer of reliability by supplementing our warehouse and planeside scanning. Through our advanced tracking system, you can monitor your package throughout the entire shipment life cycle, so you always know where it is.

Added Peace of Mind

By simply going through our easy-to-use booking process, you can have full confidence that your shipment will reach its destination. Although it’s ideal for high-value or critical shipments, GPS tracking can be added to all products.

GPS On-Demand

Delta Cargo offers GPS On-Demand in partnership with Sendum, providing real-time tracking and monitoring for your critical shipments. We have designed this service for ease of use with no advance booking required and Delta Cargo handles the reverse logistics.

The Sendum PT300D is available on-demand at a cost of $25 per device (one-way lease) for shipments that originate in ATL, CVG, DTW, LAX, LGA, MCI MEM, MSP, SAV, SEA, SFO, SLC and TPA.

Shipments can be sent to any of the following 89 Delta Cargo domestic destinations (excluding ticket counter locations):

The Difference

We designed this service for your ease of use. With no advance booking required, our GPS On-Demand service provides a more flexible, dependable option for transporting your critical shipments. In addition, Delta Cargo handles the reverse logistics.

The Sendum PT300D features:

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Light detection
  • Humidity readings
  • Real-time location tracking
GPS On-Demand


Our on-demand service can be used on any shipment, including dangerous goods or those containing dry ice.

Tracking Made Simple

Delta Cargo GPS On-Demand service allows you to track your high value assets in real-time. Data is recorded before, during and after flight. Information is transmitted every 15 minutes, except during flight, in which case will be available upon the aircraft landing.

The 14-digit GPS device ID, found on the back of the device, is required to track through This is provided at the time of acceptance or through calling our Customer Service Center at 1-800-DLCARGO.

GPS Tracking Report

Additional Information

    • The following restrictions apply to all shipments utilizing Delta Cargo's GPS service:
      • Shipments may not be interlined with other air carriers
      • Only approved devices are authorized to be included in shipments
      • Individual aircraft and/or country restrictions may apply (see below for international use)
      • Maximum liability may vary based on the product being booked
    • GPS-enabled shipments follow the same acceptance and recovery times of the product chosen for shipping.
    • GPS devices within shipments are required to be properly declared on the Air Waybill at booking and acceptance. The device manufacturer (i.e. "Sendum") and device ID must be provided on the Air Waybill.
    • GPS devices may be used on Delta's global network; however, certain restrictions may apply when shipping to select countries. Delta has identified the following countries that may require additional documentation/declarations on the Air Waybill when sending GPS-enabled shipments:
    • When the above countries are included in the routing of a GPS-enabled shipment, please contact your local Delta Cargo Sales Representative for additional information.
    • GPS devices must be securely attached to, or enclosed within, the package being shipped. Delta Cargo is not responsible for damage caused to (or loss of) GPS devices in transit.