Service for international shipping
of general commodities.


Dimension service provides standard international shipping for general commodities. No matter where it's headed, our extensive network and specialized handling will help you get it there quickly and affordably.

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Pre-book your Dimension shipment today to enjoy the following benefits:

Consistent Service − Worldwide

For your convenience, we provide standard drop-off and recovery times at all stations worldwide. And with an extensive selection of ULDs, we can accommodate a diverse array of cargo needs − whether that's loose, bulk or custom-built consolidations.

A Growing Global Network

Send your Dimension shipment to more than 540 destinations worldwide via the SkyTeam® Cargo network for reliable worldwide transport.

More Flexible, More Convenient

Our Dimension service is available for nearly all commodities approved by IATA for transport on passenger aircraft. You can book your Dimension shipment up to fourteen (14) days prior to the scheduled flight departure. deltacargo.com offers the convenience of booking it beyond the 14 day window. Shipments will be confirmed once it is within the 14 day window, based on availability.

Additional Information

    • The maximum weight on narrow-body aircraft is 300 pounds per piece.
    • All international shipments will follow IATA rules for shipping.
    • Shipments must be accepted and processed at the local cargo facility by the cutoff time of 240 minutes (screened) or 360 minutes (unscreened) prior to scheduled flight departure. We recommend arriving at least 120 minutes before this cutoff time to ensure all inspections and acceptance procedures are completed.
    • Shipments will be available for pick-up at the local cargo facility at the destination within 360* minutes of actual flight arrival.
    • Please allow extra time when checking in if your shipments contain hazardous material. For more information, please contact your local Delta Sales office.
    • Shipments must be clearly labeled with the name and address of the shipper and consignee. Old labels and markings must be completely removed. International air waybills must be typed.