Providing reliable international express shipping
for large packages.


For large international shipments, you need all hands on deck − and an experienced, reliable team who knows your business from the ground up. That's Equation Heavy. We go above and beyond to ensure your packages enjoy access to premium capacity on our global network.

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Choose Equation Heavy to take advantage of a variety of custom features, including:

Increased Flexibility and Convenience

Don't let size weigh you down. With dedicated airport-to-airport service and top boarding priority, Equation Heavy offers the speed and dependability you need when shipping across the world. Plus, you can tender full pallets or shipper-built containers to your local Delta Cargo facility to simplify your express shipping to-do list.

Large Global Network

With more than 340 destinations in 61 countries on six continents, our Equation Heavy service operates on one of the greatest network* availabilities of any express cargo service.

Money-Back Guarantee

Equation Heavy is backed by a flight-specific, service level guarantee of 100% of freight charges for shipments weighing 100 kg or less and 50% of freight charges for shipments weighing 101 kg or more, up to $3,000 USD per air waybill**

Additional Information

    • Equation Heavy shipments must be pre-booked.
    • Total shipment is over 300 kilograms (661 pounds) or any individual piece that weighs more than 45 kilograms (100 pounds). The maximum weight is based on aircraft limitations.
    • Service Level Guarantee, when booked electronically, is 100% of total freight charges for shipments weighing 100 kilograms or less and 50% for shipments weighing 101 kilograms and above. Does not include declared value fees. Maximum refund is $3,000.00 USD. Service level guarantee does not apply when a truck is involved in the routing. An electronic booking is required to qualify for the guarantee.**
    • Individual carrier restrictions (i.e. size, weight, specific commodities, cities served, etc) shall apply when transportation is routed on Delta's Connection Carriers.
    • The following commodities may not be accepted as Equation Heavy:
      • DG Explosives Class 1
      • DG Corrosive Class 8
      • Human Remains
      • Noxious Cargo
      • Valuable Cargo
      • DG Radioactive Class 7
      • Hatching Eggs
      • Live Animals
    • Shipments must be accepted and processed at the local cargo facility by the cutoff time of 180 minutes prior to scheduled flight departure. We recommend arriving at least 120 minutes before this cutoff time to ensure all inspections and acceptance procedures are completed.
    • Equation Heavy shipments are available for pickup within 180 minutes* of actual flight arrival.
    • Dangerous goods not listed as restricted may be tendered as Equation Heavy. Please allow extra time when checking in if your shipments contain hazardous material or other special commodities.
    • For more information, please contact your local Delta Cargo Sales representative.
    • Each piece of the shipment must be legibly marked with the name and address of the shipper and consignee. Old labels and markings must be completely removed. International air waybills must be typed.