Tender Policy

Delta Cargo is committed to moving shipments consistently as booked. To support this, we ask that customers provide accurate weight and volume when booking. Delta Cargo cannot ensure the shipment will move as booked if the tendered shipment does not reflect the booked weight and volume. The following outlines the policy:

  • Cargo arriving without a booking will be booked on the first available flight.


  • If you tender more than your original booking and the additional weight or volume needed is available on the booked flight, the shipment will be accepted.


  • If you tender more than your booking, and the additional weight or volume cannot be accommodated on the booked flight, and the shipment is tendered such that it may be split, Delta Cargo will honor the booked weight and volume of the original booking and the overage will be rebooked for the next available flight.


  • If the freight is tendered in a manner that may not be split, such as a shipper loaded unit, and the flight cannot accommodate the extra weight or volume, your shipment will be rebooked on the next available flight.


  • DASH and Equation freight will always be accepted provided the freight is tendered within the timeline established within product specific guidelines.


  • Product cutoff times play a critical role in the acceptance process. Cutoff times start after the shipment has been accepted and all Delta and government mandated security screenings have been completed. If the cutoff time is not met, the shipment is subject to being rebooked on the next available flight.


Please note that all segments of a booking must be confirmed at the time of acceptance. For example, if your freight is moving ATL-LAX-SYD, all segments must be confirmed. If the ATL to LAX segment is confirmed, but the LAX to SYD segment is not, an available flight from LAX to SYD must be booked prior to or at shipment acceptance.

If you have any questions regarding our acceptance guidelines, please contact your Delta Cargo Account Manager or the Delta Cargo Call Center at 1-800-DLCARGO (800-352-2746).