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Delta Cargo Security Policies Update

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has updated the restrictions on the origins, transfer and transit points, and required acceptance documentation, with respect to cargo and mail carried on passenger flights.

No cargo or mail that originated in, transferred from or transited through Egypt, Syria, Somalia and Yemen may be transported on Delta flights.

Effective January 25, 2016, customers that tender mail* or cargo shipments without House Air Waybill (HAWB) information must provide the following written declaration with each shipment: 

“[Customer Name] has reviewed all available documentation and has determined that none of the cargo being offered in this consignment or consolidation has originated in, transferred from, or transited through any point in Egypt, Somalia, Syria or Yemen.”

The above declaration may be included in any paper or electronic document associated with the shipment. 

*excluding USPS and U.S. Military Mail 


Delta Updates Live Animal Product Offering & Improves Policy Flexibility

Delta takes extra strides to make sure that live animals traveling with Delta Cargo are compassionately cared for every step of the way. To demonstrate Delta’s commitment to our customers’ satisfaction, Delta is streamlining its “live animal” product offering and improving its policies for greater flexibility starting February 1, 2016.

On February 1, Delta’s live animal product will become known as “Variation Live” to more accurately align with its SkyTeam Cargo partners while continuing to guarantee the transport of all live animal shipments as defined by IATA LAR in optimum conditions of safety, comfort and hygiene.

As Delta refines its branding to the “Variation Live” standard, the airline will also simplify its live animal product codes. The current live animal codes of “AVI” and “AVA” will be harmonized into a single code – “LIV”. To accompany the “LIV” code, Delta will continue to use the following special handling codes to ensure proper care:

  • AVI = warm blooded
  • AVC = cold blooded
  • HEG = hatching eggs
  • LTF = tropical fish

Also starting February 1, the Delta DASH requirement for bookings within 24 hours of flight will be eliminated, meaning that Variation Live customers can enjoy a high-quality service offering , regardless of the booking time.

To learn more about Delta Cargo’s Variation Live, please visit or call 1-800-DLCARGO.


Expanded Pharma Product Offering Provided by va-Q-tec

Delta Air Lines is pleased to announce an innovative new offering for Delta Cargo customers in the pharmaceutical sector. Effective December 1, 2015, Delta Cargo will be adding five new passive containers for use with our Variation Pharma 2, 3 and 4 products. The passive containers are products of va-Q-tec and will include:

  • va-Q-case Half Euro
  • va-Q-tainer Eurox
  • va-Q-tainer USx
  • va-Q-tainer XLx
  • va-Q-tainer TWINx

The va-Q-tec containers are ideal for shipments requiring passive temperature control ranging between -13°F/-25°C and 77°F/25°C and require no dry ice or other power sources. Moreover, the new offering provides Delta Cargo customers an alternative container type for high-value, temperature-controlled shipments.

With the addition of the new va-Q-tec options, Delta Cargo now offers global customers in 49 Pharma stations the option of 10 container types for shipping pharmaceutical products. Regardless of the container option selected, Delta Cargo customers receive top-quality Delta Cargo service and exceptional handling throughout the shipment experience.

To learn more about Delta Cargo’s Variation Pharma program and how to lease a container for an upcoming shipment, please visit the Pharma product page. Customers who are interested in the va-Q-tec option can make their bookings and lease requests through the Pharma Desk by calling 1-800-DLCARGO or by sending an e-mail request to

For more information about va-Q-tec containers, please click here.


Delta to stop accepting pets as checked baggage

Allowable pets can still be transported in most cabins or via Delta Cargo.

Delta will no longer accept pets as checked baggage, but will continue to transport allowable pets in all cabins of service except Delta One, effective March 1, 2016. Customers may also ship pets for travel within the United States as freight through Delta Cargo.

One notable exception to this new policy: Members of the military with active transfer orders will be allowed to transport a pet as checked baggage. Additionally, Delta will continue to accept service and emotional support animals that comply with federal regulations including proper documentation.

“Many of us at Delta are pet lovers and we know that they are important members of the family,” said Bill Lentsch, Senior Vice President - Airport Customer Service and Cargo Operations. “This change will ultimately ensure that we have a high-quality, consistent service for pets when their owners choose to ship them with Delta Cargo.”


For more information, read the full article on Delta News Hub.