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Delta Cargo is focused on simplifying the entire shipment lifecycle for our customers, from booking to acceptance to invoicing. To achieve this, Delta Cargo’s e-Freight program offers our customers multiple channels for electronically communicating booking information, master air waybill details and House Manifest data.As a first step in our e-Freight program, Delta Cargo is committed to promoting the industry-wide implementation of eAWB and achieving the IATA goal of 100% eAWB use by 2015 where local statutory laws permit such execution.

What is eAWB?

EAWB eliminates the need for the traditional paper master air waybill. With an eAWB customers transmit the complete air waybill information to Delta electronically before arriving at the cargo facility.

The accepting Delta Cargo agent only has to verify the pieces and weight and accept the goods. The process ensures better quality of information and eliminates costs associated with generating, managing and archiving paper air waybills for everyone in the supply chain.

How to begin e-Freight with Delta Cargo?

  1. Join the IATA Multilateral Agreement for international shipments and sign two-page bilateral agreement for US Domestic Shipments 
  2. Contact either your sales representative or Delta’s eCommerce department to determine preferred communication method for sending electronic data (e.g., FWB, FHL)
  3. Activate lanes and begin eAWB

 How can I submit to eAWBs to Delta?

In addition to traditional channels such as Cargo Interchange Message Procedures (CIMP), Delta Cargo offers customers multiple ways to exchange information electronically.

Our goal is to enable our customers to submit AWB information in a manner that requires no change to their internal processes or IT infrastructure. Below is a list of channels we provide for electronic communication
  1. Direct Connections – XML messaging, FTP connections
  2. Online Portals – Domestic shipments on, International shipments on CPS
  3. VANs/CCS Providers – Traxon and Descartes


Why participate in Delta Cargo's e-Freight program?

  • More control when entering shipment details, reducing errors 
  • A simplified acceptance process, decreasing wait times when tendering shipments
  • More accurate billing processes as invoices will reflect the verified details submitted by the customer