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Variation Wheels®

Variation Wheels

Variation Wheels is Delta Cargo's solution for the transportation of automobiles when time is of the essence. This solution is ideal for show, prototype, new, used and race vehicles. Specific and detailed standard operating procedures have been designed with input from major automobile manufacturers and transport companies to ensure that the vehicles are delivered in the same condition as they were tendered.

Product & Rates

See our shipping guide and rates.


  • Airport-to-airport service
  • High boarding priority
  • Professional care and handling
  • Larger vehicles limited to specific aircraft
  • Booking required 

Extensive Nonstop International Network

Delta Cargo's extensive international network and numerous nonstop flights means that we can get your vehicle to its destination in a fraction of the time of ocean or ground carriers.

Specially Trained Agents

All Variation Wheels trained stations have professional agents specifically trained to handle vehicles for transport. We take pride in protecting your vehicle throughout the entire shipment life-cycle.

Built-in Flexibility

Variation Wheels is the perfect solution for all types of cars, including show, prototype, new, used and race vehicles where transport time is of the essence. Rest assured in knowing that all vehicles are transferred safely and securely with specific checks completed at each transfer point.

Increased Visibility

Variation Wheels shipments benefit from increased visibility from booking to delivery. Every station in the routing is prepared in advance of a vehicles arrival, and close coordination is maintained to assure smooth transport.