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Delta Cares

Human Remains

Delta CARES provides compassionate, professional services to funeral directors responsible for transporting human remains. Travel plans for family members either accompanying the remains or traveling separately may be arranged by calling Delta Air Lines Reservations Sales at 1-800-221-1212.

Cremated remains can be accepted as either carry-on, checked baggage or shipped unaccompanied as cargo. The passenger must have a death or cremation certificate.

Crematory containers that will be carried on board must pass through the x-ray machine. Containers must be made of a material that does not prevent the screener from clearly being able to see what is inside.  Otherwise, the container will not be allowed through the security checkpoint. A passenger may also transport an urn as checked baggage, provided that it successfully passes through screening.

Unaccompanied cremated remains must be shipped as cargo by a funeral home who is a verified shipper. You may also arrange to have a floral spray accompany the shipment at no extra charge or arrange to have a military escort

Delta Cares shipping rates vary based on origin, destination, dimensions and weight of shipment. View our shipping guide and rates. You may also contact Delta Cares at 1-800-352-2737 for additional assistance.


  •  Airport-to-airport service
  • Priority handling and boarding
  • Dedicated call center agents
  • Fallen Soldier Program
  • Booking Required

Fallen Soldier Program

Delta Cargo is pleased to offer our "Fallen Soldier Program" to honor service men and women. Special handling procedures have been established to both respect and recognize their military service and contributions.  A U.S. Military Escort may also accompany the remains of a U.S. Service Member at all times.

In the event of a military escort, Delta CARES must receive prior notification by calling 1-800-352-2737 that a Military Escort will be accompanying the fallen soldier.

Personalized Travel Assistance

At Delta, we recognize that travel arrangements for lost loved ones can be difficult. Our specially trained agents are prepared to handle all of your travel needs, whether or not you will be traveling with the remains. All travel plans may be arranged by calling Delta Air Lines Reservations at 1-800-221-1212.

Flexible Transport Options

Remains may be tendered either embalmed or unembalmed, combination, or casketed. Dry ice, gel packs, transfer cases, Ziegler cases, full-size and irregular size cases are also accepted. One floral spray up to 48"L x 32"W x 8"H may accompany the remains.

Expedited Handling

Human Remains shipments benefit from expedited ground handling in-route to minimize time in transit.