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High Value & Firearms

High Value and Firearms

Articles of Extraordinary Value are those items which, because of their high monetary value or replacement cost, would be susceptible to unusual loss or damage.

High Value or Articles of Extraordinary value are those shipments having a declared value of $25,000.00 or more.

Firearms shall include weapons which will or are designed to or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive.

Firearms shipped as high value shipments shall be subject to the procedures used for high value shipments, in addition to the requirements specified for firearms shipments.

In addition to commodity specific special handling, Delta Cargo's extra security measures will ensure the safe and on time delivery of your "traditional" as well as your "new" valuables.

Product and Rates

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The following articles or commodities will be considered Articles of Extraordinary Value:

Articles of Extraordinary Value
Art works with declared value of more than $25,000.00 per shipment; Gold bullion, coined, uncoined, cyanides, dust or sulfides
Articles of antiquity having a value of $25,000.00 or more Jewelry (other than costume jewelry)
Bill of Exchange Money
Bonds Pearls
Bullion Platinum
Currency/credit cards Precious metals
Deeds Promissory notes
Dore bullion Securities, negotiable
Evidence of Debt Silver bullion, coined/uncoined concentrates, cyanides, precipitates or sulfides
Fur clothing and fur-trimmed clothing Stock certificates
Gems, cut or uncut  


  • Some shipments may require advanced arrangements.
  • No consignment having a declared value in excess of $25,000.00 USD will be accepted for carriage unless a special arrangement has been made in advance between the shipper and Delta Cargo.
  • Delta Cargo will not accept shipments of money (currency), gold bullion, platinum, securities, deeds, evidence of debt, coins, jewelry (including watches), stones or precious gems from anyone other than High Value shippers.
  • Additional fees may be incurred and added if the consignee fails to pick up the shipment within 240 minutes (four hours) of notification of arrival (not including customs clearance) or does not desire to pick up the shipment. An armored vehicle will be hired to deliver the shipment and the charges will be added to the Air Waybill.


All high value shipments are required to be prebooked. Please contact your local Delta Cargo Account Manager for more information.


Tender your shipment to the local cargo facility for shipping and pick it up at the local cargo facility at the destination.

U.S.-based shipments must be accepted at least 120 minutes (two hours) prior to flight departure and international shipments must be accepted at least 240 minutes (four hours) prior to flights departure (subject to local restrictions).

Special Handling

Shipments with a declared value of $25,000.00 USD or more or the high value shipments with a declared value of $25,000.00 USD or more are subject to advance arrangements.


Each piece of the shipment must be legibly and durably marked with the name and address of the shipper and consignee. Old labels and markings must be removed or obliterated.

Shipper is responsible for securing any required documentation from the destination country. Customers are encouraged to contact the consulate and/or embassy for information regarding documentation requirements.


  • All Article of Extraordinary Value and Firearms shipments will follow IATA Rules for shipping.
  • Firearms may be shipped between licensed dealers, manufacturers or importers.
  • No firearms may be exported or imported without an export or import license issued by the local government authority.
  • Firearms and ammunition imported / exported into or thru the United States are subject to the restrictions and permits approved by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in Washington DC.

Shipping Tips

  • Make sure U.S.-based shipments are accepted at least 120 minutes (two hours) and international shipments 240 minutes (four hours) prior to flight departure (subject to local restrictions).
  • Make sure shipment is properly packaged.
  • Make sure documents are complete.


Articles of Extraordinary Value must be packed in sealed outside containers with a measurement of 1728 cubic inches (one cubic foot) or more and be of sufficient strength to have a minimum top-loading capability of 75 pounds per cubic foot.

Art works shall be packaged in a strong wooden box or crate with sufficient interior bracing and cushioning to provide full protection of the contents. Paintings shall be protected with no less than ¼ inch tempered hardboard or equivalent material covering both the front and the back of the painting.

Money in coin form must be packed in wooden or metal boxes sealed by soldering or by use of metal wire seals and shipments of paper currency or other negotiable paper must be packed in cartons, boxes or heavy canvas sacks approved by Delta Cargo and sealed with a wax seal over a string or metal wire seal.

"Seal" i defined as a shipper or carrier provided fastening device identifiable by letters, numbers, or a combination thereof, affixed to the closure(s) of the container or unit of packaging. The device, upon opening of the closure, will evidence such opening.

Firearms, including handguns, must be packed in the manufacturer's original container, a strong wooden or metal container or a hard-sided gun case that has been securely fastened by banding, strapping or locking, shipping loaded firearms is prohibited.