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Delta Cargo's Fresh (FRE) service is designed for perishable shipments that are time sensitive and require protection from extreme temperatures. Specializing in flowers, fish & seafood, foodstuffs, and fruits& vegetables, Fresh offers in-transit cooling (in certain stations) and specialized handling to ensure perishables are delivered in excellent condition.


  • High boarding priority
  • Fast connection times
  • Available on entire Delta mainline network
  • Coolers available in multiple hubs and gateways
  • Booking required

Product and Rates

View our shipping guide and rates.

Worldwide Network

Our Fresh service is available on all Delta mainline flights, which serve over 115 destinations with over 2,000 daily flights.

In-transit Cooling

International Fresh shipments transiting Atlanta, GA (ATL) may also take advantage of Delta Cargo's Cooler facilities, which includes four drive-through coolers set to different temperatures.

Priority Boarding

Fresh shipments enjoy a high boarding priority amongst all Delta Cargo services.