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Delta Cargo's Dimension (DIM) service is an international shipping solution for general commodities. Dimension offers flexibility and value for reliable transportation of consolidated shipments.



  • Airport-to-airport service
  • Available on entire Delta mainline, SkyTeam®, and trucking networks
  • Booking required 

Product & Rates

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Increased Flexibility

Our Dimension service is available for virtually all commodities approved by lATA for transport on passenger aircraft. Allocations are also available for booking simplification and frequent shipments. Bookings for Dimension shipments may occur between one (1) and fourteen (14) days prior to scheduled flight departure.


Global Network

Dimension service is available on all Delta mainline flights and trucking network. Dimension shipments also have the flexibility of riding on any of our SkyTeam Cargo partners' networks to ensure reliable worldwide transport.


Multiple Shipping Modes

With an extensive selection of ULDs to accommodate your diverse cargo needs, our Dimension service is perfect for all of your loose, bulk, and custom built consolidations.


Consistent Service

For your convenience, Dimension offers standard drop-off and recovery times at all stations worldwide, and is available through all of our SkyTeam Cargo partners.