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Equation® Heavy

International flight-specific express service for packages in excess of 45 kilograms or total shipments in excess of 300 kilograms.


  • Airport-to-airport service
  • Top boarding priority
  • Quick connection times
  • Increased shipping flexibility
  • Available on entire Delta mainline network
  • Booking required

Products & Rates

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Money Back Guarantee

Equation Heavy is a flight specific commitment backed by a service level guarantee of 100% of freight charges for the first 100 kilograms or less and 50% for 101 kilograms and above, up to $3000 USD per air waybill.*

Large Global Network

With over 340 destinations in 61 countries on six continents, Equation Heavy offers one of the greatest network scope of any express cargo service.

High Boarding Priority

Equation Heavy enjoys a higher boarding priority than other cargo products.

Flexible Shipping Capability

Shipments may be tendered as Equation Heavy if one or more pieces weighs more than 45 kg or if the total air waybill weight exceeds 300 kg. Full pallets or shipper built containers may also be tendered to your local Delta Cargo facility to reduce complexity for your express shipping needs.

*To qualify for the service level guarantee, shipments must be booked electronically (excludes email) prior to acceptance. Service level guarantee does not include fees and surcharges, and does not apply to delays/cancellations due to weather, mechanical, or situations beyond the control of Delta Air Lines. Certain additional restrictions may apply.