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Changes to Sizes Permitted for Delta Cargo’s Equation Product

Effective January 12, 2015, Delta Cargo’s Equation product will have a maximum weight of 45 kg per piece (300 kg per air waybill) and maximum dimensions of 90 linear inches. Shipments outside of the new sizes will now move as our express product Equation Heavy. Click here to learn more about our Equation product.

Choose eBooking and be Entered to Win Airline Tickets!

Delta Cargo invites you to submit an eBooking at during the month of December, and not only will you enjoy the benefits of booking online, but you will also be entered to win airline tickets.

Why eBooking? When you book online, you can get immediate confirmation for bookings within 14 days and submit booking requests beyond 14 days, manage and update shipments, create templates to streamline the booking process – all without the assistance of an agent.

There are three ways for you to be entered:

·         Entry via tendered freight: U.S.-based customers with a valid Delta Cargo account number who submit and tender bookings electronically via, CPS or direct connect in December will automatically receive an entry into the sweepstakes for every eligible shipment.

·         Entry via online registration: U.S.-based customers with a valid Delta Cargo account number who completes the Online Registration Form in December will automatically receive an entry into the sweepstakes (one entry per registered participant).

·         Entry via Contact Us: U.S.-based customers with a valid Delta Cargo account number who completes the Contact Us Form in December will automatically receive an entry into the sweepstakes. Entrants must submit their account number with the Area set to Online Assistance and enter “Sweepstakes entry only” in the Comments section. One entry per registered participant. 

Two lucky winners will be randomly selected to win a pair of roundtrip tickets.

Let the electronic booking begin! Click here for complete details about this sweepstakes.


New USDA Requirement Regarding Dog Shipments

Effective, November 17, the USDA will require Delta Cargo representatives to inquire about a dog’s intended purpose for travel at the time of booking. For all resale dogs entering the U.S. from international locations, shippers must provide the following documentation: dogs must be at least six months of age, and fully immunized against rabies, including the following shots commonly referred to as DHLPP: distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus and parainfluenza virus. Finally, all dogs six months or older must also be accompanied by an import permit.

The new ruling does not apply to dogs when:
• No transfer of ownership or control of a dog to another person for significant consideration after importation into the U.S. (i.e., dog is a personal pet, dog is used for hunting purposes, dog is used for show or competition, or dog is used for breeding or semen collection)
• Dogs imported for training as working dogs (i.e., puppies imported by legitimate training organizations such as police academies)


Delta Cargo introduces IATA’s single process eAWB

Delta Cargo is pleased to announce the introduction of IATA’s single process eAWB to customers. With this new process, customers will no longer need to keep track of countries that require paper air waybills (AWB). They can now transmit electronic data for 100% of their shipments - regardless of the routing - and tender cargo without a paper AWB.

To take advantage of this new program, follow these simple steps:

·         Join the IATA Multilateral Agreement for international shipments

·         Contact either your sales representative or Delta’s eCommerce department to determine a preferred communication method for sending electronic data (FWB)

We are excited about the opportunity to partner with our customers to continue to be a leader in support of IATA’s efreight initiative. Eliminating paper modernizes our business and provides efficiencies across the supply chain. The eAWB is the first step in transitioning to efreight.


Delta Cargo Expands its Product Portfolio

This month, Delta Cargo expanded its Pharma product portfolio to include Variation Pharma 4. This new offering allows us to accommodate a new temperature range for products that have specific temperature-controlled requirements. Similar to other Variation products, Pharma is part of the SkyTeam Cargo portfolio. Pharma shipments contain an array of products, including medical supplies, blood samples, vaccines and pills requiring a temperature-controlled environment.

Delta Cargo offers customers additional options for tracking shipments

Delta Cargo is pleased to announce that we have been approved to carry the Sendum PT300 and Sendum PT300D GPS devices. This brings the total number of approved devices for carriage to eight, allowing our customers additional options when choosing a tracking device. Please visit our GPS services page to learn more about these and other products.


Book Online and Sign Up for Delta Cargo’s eAWB Program

Delta Cargo invites you to submit an eAWB today, and reduce the amount of paper involved in the shipment process. Our e-Freight program offers features including the ability to schedule shipments beyond the traditional 14-day window, view active air waybills at your convenience and eliminate the need for paper AWBs on domestic shipments - all without making a phone call. If you’re new to Delta Cargo or do not have a Delta account number or a shipper ID yet, click here to learn more about e-Freight. If you’re already a Delta shipper and have a Delta account number but have not yet signed up for eBooking, click here to get started. If you have questions about e-Freight, please contact us at or by calling the Delta Cargo Customer Service Center at 1-800-DL-CARGO (1-800-352-2746).