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Miffy Wiggs, General Manager - Marketing, Communications and Customer Service
Miffy Wiggs
General Manager - Marketing, Communications and Customer Service

Miffy Wiggs is the General Manager of Marketing, Communications, and Customer Service for Delta Cargo. In this role, she is responsible for driving increased profitability through industry-leading customer service and the management of Delta Cargo's brand.

Miffy began her career at Delta in 1977 as a reservations sales agent and since then, has worked in various areas of the company including Passenger Sales, Distribution Planning and Alliances. Miffy joined the Cargo division in 2007 and has developed a thorough understanding of the cargo business through her positions in Sales, Pricing, Performance Reporting and Project Management. During her tenure in Cargo, Miffy has successfully led the business readiness activities to support the integration with Northwest, reduced revenue adjustments by 70% and created the Cargo Technology Prioritization Team to ensure the delivery of high-value technology projects. She has also been active in the cargo industry previously serving as the Chair of the Unisys Cargo User Group and as a member of the IATA's Cargo Business Process Panel.

Miffy holds a BSBA with a major in Marketing from the University of Florida. She currently lives in Atlanta and is happily married with two grown children.